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REALITY: G Suite can be as secure as it gets only if you properly configure it.

Statistics are quite clear on the matter – data breaches are becoming more and more frequent and most times they are caused by a simple mistake or oversight.

However, losing sleep because you did not change the password of a former employee is neither necessary nor inevitable.

Our hope here at Creativa is that this whitepaper will be an essential guide and the first step for you to make your G Suite secure forever BY following these 4 key security pillars.

1. Secure your email flow

2. Protect your business with enhanced Password Policy

3. Use Google Vault

4. Secure your Google Drive Documents

The essential guide
for you to make your G Suite
secure forever

“Chris and Creativa saved me time and all the extra burden with the G Suite configurations that I had to do at the eleventh hour.
They also helped us raise our workflow efficiency as they quickly narrowed on what we were looking to achieve and iterated through custom automations and applications”.
CRO, Letsbuild
“Creativa came in and saved the day. They helped us with all those ‘Simple’ tools that we spent hours trying to set up and boosted our productivity and workflow.
Moreover they found all our security gaps in a matter of minutes and that just days before someone tried to gain access in our G Suite”
CEO, Meccanica
“Thanks to Creativa we don't need to worry about security, administration and management of our G Suite.
They handle everything giving us more time to plan for the future and grow”

Head of Marketing, Mon-Kulur