How we saved resources and improved daily operations

“Thanks to Creativa, we don’t need to worry anymore about our Google Workspace’s security, administration, or management. This way, we were able to make our marketing strategy plan the center of our attention.”

— Joel Head of Marketing, Mon Kulur


Mon Kulur is a food and beverage company based out of Greece. They operate a chain of retail stores across the country that provide breakfast-related products, such as coffee and pastries.

Besides having their own stores, they offer franchising options to those who are interested in investing in their company. Franchise strategy allowed them to grow rapidly and have a national presence in all major cities.


Prior to hiring Creativa, Mon Kulur was using Zoho platform for their emails. While using that platform, they ran into a number of issues, like:

  1. Unable to receive incoming emails
  2. Delay in receiving incoming emails
  3. Email deliverability issues
  4. Being inundated with spam emails
  5. Wasting tens of hours over phone to chase email service provider to fix server related issues

    As a result, this created a very negative impression on their customers. And they weren’t able to deliver what they had promised to their customers, in spite of having the best product available in the market.


Mon Kulur realised that they were in the midst of a technological nightmare, and they urgently needed someone to help them with their emails. Therefore, they hired Creativa to develop a trustworthy email management system that would allow them to send and receive emails without interruption and would include spam filters.


Creativa offered them a solution to migrate from the existing platform – Zoho to Google Workspace. We clearly charted the benefits of Google Workspace over their existing platform.

After they agreed to move from their old platform, we gave them our detailed action plan on the entire process. The entire migration was completed in just 5 days without losing a single email.


After their migration to Google Workspace, they haven’t lost a single email, and are enjoying uninterrupted flow of emails with 99.99% uptime. Their customer feedback has drastically improved, and they’re now getting more 5 star ratings than ever before.

Morale of their employees is all-time high, as now they don’t have to worry about email-related issues.

Now, they can focus on what matters most to them, which is developing and refining their products.