How we managed to save the day when the company servers crashed

“Creativa people are true Google Workspace saviors. They set up all the tools of the suite, adjusted them to our needs and goals, resulting in our productivity’s boost. Plus, they located every security gap in mere minutes – it was sheer luck that someone didn’t try to access our Workspace earlier.”

— Vangelis CEO, Meccanica Group S.A.


Founded in 2005, Meccanica Group is one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers in Greece, managing to provide high quality of operational solutions in both public and private sector with 1,000 employees located at various sites.

They support state and local organizations in both the public and private sector serving wide range of industries including Logistics, Courier, Postal, Energy, Transportation, Banking, Retail and Media Sector

They operate in the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity and client oriented mentality, providing optimal and tailored made operational solutions.


Meccanica is a market leader when it comes to providing excellent business support services. As a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider, they have to work on tight deadlines while maintaining the highest level of process efficiency and confidentiality on behalf of their customers.

Their existing email setup had a number of issues, including erratic server downtime, bulk email delivery failures, suspicious spam emails, an absence of an email directory, a lack of integration with productivity tools, and no backup of the data.

This had a negative impact on their employees’ productivity and efficiency and increased the number of client complaints.


Meccanica’s servers crashed badly, so they hired Creativa to help them migrate to Google Workspace. To have a more stable and secure data & email management system.


Creativa offered a free audit of the existing email management system of Meccanica. Our analysis revealed a number of inefficiencies and a lack of security in their current system.

Meccanica was provided with a written action plan immediately. We began the migration process to Google Workspace as soon as we received a go-ahead from them. We choose to work on weekends in order to minimize the impact of migration on their work schedules. The project was completed in just two days, with no lost workdays for the employees.


The end-to-end services of Google Workspace provided by Creativa enabled Meccanica to have a safe, secure, and faster email interface. It is now possible to access their network without any interruption and with 99.99 percent uptime. Our management services now ensure that they are kept up to date with the latest Google Workspace technology.