Working with Creativa provided us with the peace of mind we were looking for, when it comes to Google Workspace. We no longer spend time and resources on managing Google workspace since they take care of everything, from maintenance to security updates and user management.

CRO, Let's Build

Company Introduction

LetsBuild was formed by the merger of APROPLAN and GenieBelt at the start of 2019. They offer technological solutions to construction companies giving them real time tracking of their projects. They ensure that the project plan reflects reality by using different insights and combinations of various algorithms. 

They are strongly headed to bring modern technologies to construction in a no-nonsense, simple and easy-to-use way. Their mission is to digitalise the construction sector to make it  better, cleaner and more efficient.


As a result of the merger of two companies, LetsBuild experienced rapid growth. Due to their rapid growth, their Google Workspace setup was thrown into chaos as a result.

In order to effectively manage their system and automate communication between employees of two companies, they needed more resources.

In a nutshell, they needed an expert who could quickly help them in setting up and administering a more robust Google Workspace, then they had previously.


Immediately following the merger, the IT department at LetsBuild lacked the resources and necessary expertise to manage Google Workspace. Accordingly, they decided to hire an expert who could assist them in developing the most robust and efficient system possible.


LetsBuild’s IT department was relieved of Google Workspace tasks by Creativa, which provided full-blown Google Workspace Management.

The following is a summary of the tasks:

  1. Google Workspace administration and security setup.
  2. Employees of LetsBuild can now directly delegate the task to Creativa’s team by raising a ticket in the system for user creation, suspension, archiving or deletion. 
  3. Monitoring and implementing all Google updates for each user account 
  4. Keeping an eye on spam reports and taking the necessary action where necessary to maintain email flow.
  5. Admin Audit Monitoring
  6. Installation of all the necessary add-ons domain wide 
  7. Google Sites setup/maintenance
  8. Directory organization
  9. Domain Wide Email Signatures
  10. Encourage marketing team to run marketing campaigns using Google Workspace’s free tools rather than externally purchased, costly tools.


Creativa was able to completely take over all Google Workspace-related tasks. This freed up the IT department’s time to focus on other important business operations issues. LetsBuild’s employees were better served, and the turnaround time was shortened from hours to 20 minutes.

Shared drives and intranets in google sites made communication between teams more efficient, and they were able to accomplish more with less effort.

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