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A necessary tool for many Google services to create a more convenient and effective daily workflow.

When it comes to building a well-structured toolbox, the right foundations will help you reach
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The essence of your suite’s efficiency is its adjustment to your workflow model through the
optimal setting of all features!

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Google Workspace Licensing

The first step to enter the world of Google Workspace is Licensing. Our team of experts handles the whole process from day one. This way you can start to enjoy the benefits and peace of mind.

Google Workspace Administration

The essence of your suite’s efficiency is its adjustment to your workflow model. This is why our team, before the optimal setting of all features and security policies, charts and understands your modus operandi!

Direct. Immediate. Efficient!

Google Workspace Support

Having trouble with your Google Workspace? Need a proactive update when it comes to the suite’s new features? Our team of experts is always where you need it, whenever needed!

Google Workspace App Development

With the suite’s tool collection -which includes e.g. Apps Scripts- we can build customizations and automate routine tasks; this way, you could use the maximum of your professional resources. Where there’s know-how, there is a way!

How about a FREE security health check of your Google Workspace? All it takes is deciding it, and 20’ of your time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Workspace is the business/collaboration platform Google offers. Millions of people already use it allowing them to work faster, smarter and more collaboratively.

Google Workspace comes packed with all the necessary tools, from business gmail to docs, sheets and drive. More than 18 apps are included in Google Workspace platform and the best security features in the market.
Google is product-focused and emphasizes product development over individualized customer support. As such, Workspace Resellers are helpful for small businesses that may require a more comprehensive level of assistance. Many of Google’s customers purchase Workspace through an Authorized Google Cloud Partner.

Millions of businesses have moved over to Google Workspace with the help of a trusted service partner. They can guide you through the migration process every step of the way according to your business needs.

According to Google:
“Resellers provide essential services that allow customers to take maximum advantage of Google Workspace, ease the initial setup, migration, customization, and ongoing user experience.”
Partnering with Creativa will not raise your monthly Workspace costs, nor will it affect how you and your team use Workspace day-to-day. On the contrary it might save you money…

From time-to-time, Google offers Reseller only promotions that Creativa passes onto our customers. These promotions are not available going through Google directly. We will help you save money on your Workspace spend!

You also get an added layer of Workspace support from Creativa’s Admin experts. Our specialists will walk you through the whole process and will turn it into a walk in the park.

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He will guide you through the whole process.
Under no circumstances, moving to Google Workspace via a google workspace will it cost you more. On the contrary, choosing Creativa as your partner will probably cost you less rather than moving to Google Workspace on your own.

As Google Workspace Authorized Resellers, firstly we are able to achieve better pricing for our customer and secondly we have the expertise to save you time and money during the initialization process.
The only difference in your billing operations is that we will process your monthly Workspace payments instead of Google, but your charges will not change and will continue to reoccur at the same interval. Of course, if the number of licenses on your subscription changes, your charges will also change accordingly. This helps Google keep a record of how well our sales and support team manages our client happiness. Any usage data regarding Workspace is still directly monitored by Google, and that data is still available at any time within your Workspace Admin Console.

Those are two completely different services:

Licensing is the process of selling Google Workspace licenses to your company. Of course within that service, support is included for our clients. You will receive support from our Google Certified Workspace Specialists or Administrators from day one. We will guide you through the setup process and support you on your day-to-day problems.

Management is a step further… By choosing Creativa as your Google Workspace manager we basically take care of all Google Workspace related tasks. You are able to delegate tasks to us, we handle the setup, the administration, the security, all time consuming processes from the tiniest to the longest and hardest. We do not just offer support, we do it for you!

By choosing Creativa as your Workspace Manager, you basically get peace of mind…

Yes, we always struggle to offer the best deal to our customers. Contact us to discuss your use case and find the best solution.

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